6 Pillars Of Samco Flexicap Fund Nfo By Ms. Nirali Bhansali – Fund Manager |

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Watch this latest video uploaded by “Imperial Money” to know more about “6 Pillars of SAMCO Flexicap Fund NFO” by Ms. Nirali Bhansali – Fund Manager, SAMCO Mutual Fund.

In this latest video Ms. Nirali Bhansali, (Fund Manager, SAMCO Mutual Fund) and Mr. Deep Gajbe (Director – Imperial Money Pvt. Ltd.) are discussing about the following topic in details;

Samco Mutual Fund makes debut with Flexicap scheme launch: Should you invest?

1) Philosophy of New Fund
2) Stress Tests Companies on Six parameters
3) Reinvestment and Growth Etc.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khOZIdviXVI

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