S119-s1601b Cyberview 1u 19″ Solaris Rackmount

Submitted by Aidan Perez | November 9, 2022, 17:55:12 | Technology

The Austin Hughes S119-S1601b Cyberview 1U 19″ Solaris Rackmount Monitor with 16 Port USB KVM Switch combines a touchpad or trackball mouse (KVM) with a USB keyboard, video, and storage device in a single unvented unit. With native support for the sun’s 1152 x 900 resolution, this Solaris Rackmount LCD Keyboard Drawer with KVM Switch is a practical option. For a variety of government, military, surveillance, and commercial uses, these SUN Rackmount Keyboard LCD devices are employed.
Item Number: #S119-S1601b

Source: https://rb.gy/jjwbhl

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